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Plug & Play Business Models | Point of View by Amazrock

Digital is all pervasive

The progress of Digital Revolution has accelerated the forces in the marketplace. It has enabled businesses to find innovative ways to reduce transaction cost, disintegrate old value chain.

Digitalization allows new platform ecosystems to be formed, driven by data and algorithm. As an example, 3rd party products and services in the form of Digital lego-blocks can be quickly assembled.

As a result of this Digital lego-blocks, business can readily create new demand, production and value chain delivery network.


“It is said that the Platform Ecosystem is the new bedrock of digital !”

Amazon is one such example of such Platform Ecosystem business. Through their digital platforms, Amazon offers business, logistics, online retail “storefronts” and IT services.

Anyone or any business can simply leverage Amazon’s “Digital lego-blocks” and plug in their existing offering to create a wholly new or customized customer value proposition. This enhances competitive capabilities to better attract new customer segments at more granular level and greater scale.


“According to Accenture Research, 81% of executives say platform-based business models will be core to their growth strategy within 3 years.”


Digitization is rewriting the rules of competition. Engage Amazrock Business Services to help with your business review:

  1. Lower entry barrier and cost of transaction
  2. Plug-and-play your existing offerings into whole new digital ecosystem
  3. Accelerate growth with intelligent automation and algorithm

Power your business growth with Amazrock Business Services


With this business insight, Amazrock has designed its Business Service offerings to enable our clients to enjoy the advantage of using our plug-&-play services and solutions. Our Business Service offerings allow our clients to quickly adapt a new digital business model, design a tailored product offering and launch to their target digital customers & markets.


Amazrock Business Services For The Digital Economy

Brand Management

  • Market and Product Research
  • Brand Design
  • Product Mix Portfolio
  • Manufacturer and Supplier Evaluation & Selection
  • Direct & Channel Model (Distributor, Wholesale, Retail)



  • Digital Commerce Success Blueprint
  • Target Audience Persona and Customer Attributes
  • eCommerce Marketplace Listing
  • Product Listing Optimisation
  • Sales Launch Solution
  • Digital Marketing Automation and Sales Conversion Program
    • Marketing Database and Telemarketing
    • eMail Marketing
    • Search Engine Marketing SEM
    • Search Engine Optimisation SEO
    • Social Media Marketing SMM
  • Build Customer Community
  • Order & Fulfillment
  • Customer Service


Coaching and Mentoring Practice

  • Business Coaching. Aimed at business owners and SMB executives who are at the launch stage of their business or working toward their business growth target of their first $10M mark. The Amazrock coach focuses on helping the individuals review, clarify and energise their motivation. Importantly, he also helps to identify any re-shaping or change required for breakthrough growth.
  • Executive Coaching. One-to-One performance coaching for executives – By improving the most influential people’s performance within the organisation, it is believed that the business will benefit with a multiplier impact on the organisation performance.
  • Performance Coaching. Aimed at enhancing an individual’s performance in their current role at work, to increase their effectiveness and productivity at work.
    • Career Coaching. Focus on individual’s career concerns, the coach will seek and use feedback on the individual’s capabilities to help clarify the goal, changes and the Go-forward direction required.
    • Skills Coaching – Sales effectiveness. Focuses on the core selling skills a seller or business developer needs to excel in their role of winning profitable and sustaining customers. Skills coaching offers flexible, adaptive and timely approach to developing the requisite skills of the individual.
    • Personal or Life Coaching. Provides support to individuals who have made decision to make some of significant changes happen within their lives. Our coaches help individuals to explore what they want in life and how their aspirations and needs may be realised.
      • Stress management
      • Motivational Life Skills
  • eCommerce Coaching  (How to Setup and Grow a Successful 7-figure eCommerce Business) – A PREMIER e-commerce business coaching on a one-on-one-basis, using our tested “Digital Commerce Success Blueprint”. This is targeted at Internet Business Owners or eCommerce Brands looking for mentorship to jumpstart growth in their startup or established e-commerce business.
  • Outsource Brand Management & eCommerce Services
    • >> We use AMAZROCK BRANDS and our Digital Asset : “Brands.Amazrock.Com” to deliver unique business propositions for our client’s requirements in brand, product category management & marketing and end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment.
    • >> AMAZROCK BRANDS is the Brand Management business and eCommerce & Digital Marketing Platform arm of AMAZROCK PTE LTD.


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